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03 February 2014


Welcome, friends! 


February marks my ninth month in the great city of Los Angeles. I am loving my life here and cannot see the end to the possibilities that await me! I am currently taking acting classes with Chick Vennera at The Renegade Theatre & Film Group in Hollywood and have recently joined Swing Dames - a 1940s Andrews Sisters group. Hubba Hubba is still swinging into production. I have recorded all of the songs for the soundtrack and I believe I am addicted to the recording studio. I also recently met with the production team of another movie musical called Love is Afoot! and recorded a song for their demo album. LA has a 1940s theme for me and I could not be happier.


Make sure to check out the links (by clicking on the pictures) for The Renegade, Love is Afoot! and Swing Dames!


Special Someone

Released Valentines Day 2014, Special Someone is the story of Rose Marie: the heroine in the upcoming musical-comedy "Love is Afoot!" Please click on the SoundCloud logo to listen. Vocals by Cori Cable Kidder.

What they're saying: Love this! So beautiful! Cori is the new "Disney-like" princess voice!" - Sue Cunningham

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