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6 December, 2014


Welcome, friends! 


2014 has been a great year!


I recently signed with Origin Talent commercially and theatrically, and also completed my webseries to join SAG-AFTRA. 


My EHarmony commercial premiered in November and I also recorded another song for my friends with Love is Afoot!


Make sure to check out the links (by clicking on the pictures) for The Renegade, Love is Afoot! and Swing Dames!

Special Someone/Breathe Me In

Love is Afoot! is the story of Rose Marie and her journey to find true love. Please click on the SoundCloud logo to listen. Rose Marie's vocals by Cori Cable Kidder.

What they're saying: Love this! So beautiful! Cori is the new "Disney-like" princess voice!" - Sue Cunningham

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